There are many scooters available from Asia- who should I buy from?

 There are lots of companies/shops restoring scooters; there are also hugely differing standards. Here is a check list when considering who to buy a classic scooter from.


 1. Is the vendor an in house restoration company or merely an agent?

 Many so called restorers are in fact agents who buy from local restoration shops. This area is mine fields as a lot of the scooters are restored using either worn second hand parts, or cheap reproduction items (not to mention the use of Honda headlights/brake switches etc. The scooters are generally restored to a cost - not a standard.


 2. How are the bikes prepared and painted?

 The difference between an expensive quality paint job and a cheap shiny looking paintjob - may not be initially apparent. However, a properly prepared then etch primed frame followed by a labor intensive and expensive process of painting using imported quality products will give you a scooter that’s looks last for many years (ICI tests have proven up to 30 years!). A Standard 05 Steps Process is:






 (quite a process but the end result is an absolutely perfect finish that lasts for many years, in fact ICI research quotes a 30 year life expectancy of paintwork!!!!)

 A scooter that is repainted using a coat of single part putty sun dried on bare metal followed by thin coats of cellulose primer and top coat- will last at worst 12 months at best 4 years. Most of the scooters restored in Asia use the later. Please check our Restoration Process for more details.


3. Are the scooters road tested and adjusted?

 After any restoration, there is a running-in period required (100 miles+). Cables stretch a little, brakes and clutches bed in, points need adjusting, carbs need adjusting, brakes, clutches etc all need a little fettling. All very simple to do when you know how! Make sure all of this work is done before the scooter is shipped to you. Many companies assemble, then polish and put on the first boat out of here....


4.Does the restoration company import parts?

 A lot of parts for a quality restoration do need to be imported- Most companies do not do this. This could make a big difference to both the scooters reliability and ease of servicing. CP Classics imports parts from ISO-9001 manufacturers in Taiwan, India, Germany and Italy. We also make Stainless steel parts ourselves.


5. Does the vendor come from a restoration background?

 Does he know the standards required in the West, or is he led by Local knowledge - (which generally is get it looking right for as little money as possible).


6. Is there an after sales service/support?

 Does the vendor supply help, and advice, is there a phone number to call- or somebody who can return your call request. Is there somebody with experience and knowledge of scooters who can properly satisfy any queries or issues?

 We typically respond within 04 hours ( time difference) for emails and 12/24 for phone calls.


7. Is there a guarantee on your purchase?

 Is any form of guarantee offered or is it a case of buy it deal with it!

 Please see this in the light that it’s meant - This is not meant to scare anybody, there ARE good companies out here in Vietnam restoring quality scooters to western standards, there are also many more companies whose restorations make me cringe....

 A properly restored scooter is reliable, enjoyable and a great investment. A badly restored scooter is the exact opposite!!!

 All fully-restored scooters come with a 90 day Limited warrantee from CP Classics. The 90 days commences from the date of pick up (please note that if there is any wrong delivery/missing/damage of the scooter, the customer needs to fill in a complaint form with the forwarder immediately before they take the scooter home otherwise, we will not be responsible for any refund or compensation). We will replace any "New" part (not rebuilt parts) that ceases to function properly within 90 days of purchase Free of Charge. Refer to our Parts List to determine if the part in question is new or reconditioned. Labor is not included. If any replaced component breaks, all you have to do is SIMPLY take a picture and send to us ( We're different from some other shops that we DON'T need the faulty parts to be returned to us in exchange for the replacement). Call or notify us by emails and we will replace the item and send complete instructions on how to replace the item. Customer Satisfaction is our TOP priority. Please note the warrantee covers normal use conditions, not neglect or abuse or use as a rental scooter.

 We replace most of the parts when restoring the scooter and we are confident our scooters are reliable. Please see our
Quality and visit our Inventory pages for details. Besides, our Online Support&Phone Support staff are always available for every questions related to Vespa/Lambretta as well as operating it.


  8. WHY such a good price? - Surely it’s worth more?

 We restore many scooters- we make a modest profit on each- but we sell a lot to all corners of the globe we are in a constant stage of expansion with our aim to be restoring 40 scooters per month.

 We actively encourage people to re-sell, we have lots of knowledge and experience in selling in abroad and other markets for that matter, we are more than happy to advise on how to achieve a good price, and how to market successfully. A concourse vespa like this is worth between 3500-4000 if sold in the right place. Art galleries, fashion shops, surf shops, cafes etc are all good places to get sales. Also scooter rallies, car shows and even re-listing on eBay.


9. Is it as good as it looks?

 Absolutely! I am an enthusiast with a very critical eye. All of our products are of the highest quality

 Other scooter restorers sometimes put in new Indian built engines. This is the cheap and quick option- but ultimately it devalues a classic scooter. Also the quality is dubious. We always properly rebuild the original engines with all new quality parts. Our attention to detail is unmatched.

 We have a large team of 28 enthusiasts working with us- each scooter takes between 3-4 weeks to restore to our standards. That’s why (even if I do say so myself!) Our scooters are the best available!!- compare our prices and compare our restoration standards.


10. Can I personalize it?

 Absolutely! We offer a range of options- everything from our own: performance stainless exhaust, through to different seats, mirrors, luggage racks etc- please email us for more details.


11. I have never ridden a scooter before, is it difficult to use and being old will it break down all the time?

 Simply put - Vespa have built their fantastic reputation on reliability and the fact anyone can jump on and ride! They are easy to ride, great fun and virtually unbreakable.


12. Can I call to discuss it?

 No problem - please call us but please bear in mind the time difference. Alternatively if you would like to chat about this scooter or having one restored to your spec- email me your phone number and we will call you- please just bear in mind we are 7hrs ahead of you lot. Or you can use our Online Support function.


13. Parts Used&Are the Parts original?

 The scooter engine and body are original. We replace the parts that need to be replaced on a 30+ year old scooter. We use a great deal of new quality OEM branded parts from ISO-9001 manufacturers. See the Parts List for a comprehensive list of the parts used.


14. Is the paperwork included with the bike?

 Yes, all the necessary paperwork is legal and included with the bike. The paperwork is shipped out by FedEx or UPS after final payment has been received. Besides, we have complete Parts Manual, Owners Manual and Service Manual for the  Motor Scooter we sell too.


15. Where can the bike shipped to? Can they be delivered to my house?

 We can ship the bike to every major ports in the world. We also can deliver the bike to your house with an extra cost. See our Shipping section for more details.


16. Can I have dimensions of the wooden crate when shipping?

 Each crate is 72 x 49 x 26 inches. Each crate weighs about 320 pounds (200+ for the scooter alone) and is really dependent on the model selected and all the options ordered. For example: more Stainless Steel options will add more weight. Since shipping costs are based primarily on dimension weight and since we control that overall dimension factor your shipping cost is usually constant.


17. I love this color(s)/color scheme, can you personalize it?

 For Custom Orders you can choose from any of the standard car colors offered from BMW, Mercedes or Porsche. See our full list of the General colors to choose from Here. For Custom color scheme, simply send us photos then we can personalize for you. Please note that it's FREE OF CHARGE for custom colors.


18. Fine, so how long from the date of purchase the bike can be at my doorstep?

 Upon receipt deposit from you, we need around 16 days to restore a Vespa and around 18 days for a Lambretta. Shipping from Viet Nam ports to major ports takes around 32 days then you will need around 5 days to clear the Customs.


Eh, still unsure?! We're very glad to talk with you and to be of your help. Please click Contact us for more information...














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